Helping businesses ship complex software

We are a boutique software consulting company. We have built and scaled complex web-apps, visualizations and high-throughput messaging systems.

We have worked on energy management software, parts of payment gateway, e-commerce front-end, software measuring carbon footprint, HR management software, video encoding pipeline and more. More challenging the work, more interested we are.

For client projects, we have used React, Webpack, Ruby, node.js, AngularJs, TypeScript, D3.js, Elixir, GStreamer. For our own projects, we have played with Golang, Erlang, Haskell, Python and more.

Our Ethos

As a company, we are trying to build a place for individuals. We care about each one of us having their own explorations, growing in skills and perspectives. We list some of these explorations in the hacks page.

Some of our customers