We are looking for colleagues, with interests and explorations in technology

How we spend our time.

We are a group with varied interests. Much of our time is spent thinking and writing code for our clients. Some of our time is spent in individual curiosities, like programming, mathematics, machine learning, finance etc.

We want this company to be centered around individuals. We would like each one of us to grow in their skills and interests, and gain perspectives. And company as a place which brings us all together.

Among us, you will find people who are interested in programming, math, machine learning, business, learning, fitness, cycling and some more. Please note that interest doesn't mean expertise, or even knowledge. But it shows that we explore. One of us has written an IRC client in Erlang (and later in Elixir), an NES emulator in Golang, and a font converter in Haskell, a TypeScript development helper package for Emacs (which is linked from the official TypeScript website), and more. Another one of us wrote a tunneling solution in Golang (something like localtunnel or ngrok). And built a remote chrome devtools debugging experience, as a hack over it.

In other words, we create stuff, not because we have to, but because we like to.

Who we work with.

Our clients are usually startups. Some of them want to scale their solutions. Others want to build a product from scratch. Sometimes, it involves understanding a new domain, and building a solution from the ground up. Sometimes they have a team, and we work with them. Some other times, it's about helping with an existing codebase. We might be involved in anything from brainstorming ideas, to making technical decisions and implementing them.

To give an idea of the more interesting work -- One is about capturing the energy consumption time series, and charting it in different ways (graphing (D3) with heavy interaction). For another client we built the architecture to record videos and run them though a pipeline of algorithms. In other words, they spent their time and energy on vision algorithms (their expertise) and we helped them with putting that expertise out as a product. It has often been the case that our clients are in some business domain, and we have to understand that domain and build solutions for them.

Join us

If you would like to consider us, please try solving the problem linked below, and email us with your solution. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] .

Problem statement: Mini Mocha